Drupal:Benefits of Web Application Development Using Drupal Platform

There are a many open source CMS available under GNU license and one of them is Drupal. Here nilaxsoft tried to explain some benefits of using Drupal platform.

Drupal is probably the best and most popular content management system in the market today. It is also Software as a service (Saas) solution which can be used by organizations irrespective of their size or location.  We look at the benefits of Drupal application development.

  • Affordable and available easily –

Drupal is open source, easily available and highly customizable. There exist thousands of Drupal modules and templates a majority of which are available at zero cost. Hence, many small players are able to use it. Drupal is used and trusted by several individuals and organizations globally as it provide both high value solutions and robust security.

  •  Big technical support team offering support and improvement –

A large team of full time developers are working on Drupal full-time. Also Drupal enjoys the solid and unwavering backing of people who genuinely care about its functionality and performance. It provides users easy and no cost access to both future and current technical upgrades and security improvements.

  • Multi-language support –

Drupal offers support for more than 150 languages. Hence it is perfect to serve a truly global audience.

  •  Powerful and modern platform –

Drupal offers high performance business tools and is easily maintainable. Some of its advantages are ease of scalability and constant updating of the software.

  • Lack of old restrictions –

Drupal doesn’t have quite a number of the restrictions of older CMS software. It is ideal for web design owing to its flexibility and features which help create highly interactive and user friendly web services.

  • Drupal development is remarkably quick –

Today the speed of development determines the success and market acceptance of both products and services.  In the current era of rapidly changing technology and marketing it is vital to be faster than competitors. Else your firm will be left behind and your products/services will become obsolete.

  • Drupal works well on mobiles –

Hence you can tap the enormous and fast growing global smartphone markets. There is no need for developers to worry about user experience, customization, optimization and other issues. Drupal is specifically designed to effectively address all the mobile environment requirements. This makes it the ideal CMS for the mobile. Additionally the use of special themes makes Drupal suitable and friendly to the mobile platform.

  • Presence of SEO modules –

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an indispensable and highly important requirement today. Drupal has powerful and sophisticated SEO functionality which makes it SEO friendly.  The SEO modules present in Drupal are a valuable and beneficial feature in any business’s marketing efforts.

  • Patronage of high profile entities –

Many leading and important entities such as the White House and FedEx have adopted and placed their trust in Drupal. This adds to the CMS’s credibility as well as reliability.

  •  Provides well documented API’s –

This makes Drupal application development, both easier and organized, making the job of developers simpler and more effective.

  • Leverage Social Media and easily connect with other web entities –

Drupal offers robust support for social media integration and has easy connection capabilities to other sites and services.

  • Easy and strong extension capabilities –

Drupal developers need not develop everything from scratch. Not much programming is required and new features can be easily added by the developers. Drupal has currently a huge repository of over 16,000 modules which can practically fulfill almost all the site requirements. Thus, both time and money are saved and application development becomes simple and easy.